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Wild Rabbit, Farmed Rabbit, Chicken, Turkey and Beef

You can't get better food for you Cats, Dogs, Ferrets etc!
Feed your animals on what they have evolved to thrive on. No animal would naturally - that is, in the wild - eat biscuit based foods, tins of who-knows-what-it's-made-from or sachets of gloop.... No wonder Vets are increasingly busy trying to correct the intestinal and skin problems which can be brought on by such foods. Feed your animals what they are designed to eat - MEAT & BONE - and THEN see how much healthier and happy they are and how super they look!

ALL the meats we use are top quality Human Consumption Grade Meats - just pure Meats - no additives/fillers of any sort, exactly the sort and quality of meat that YOU would eat (although you probably wouldn't want to eat the minced bone-in meats so important for Cats and Dogs!). Supplied frozen, or fresh to special order. We DO NOT use reject, suspect, out-of-date, "further processed" meats too often used for pet meats.
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Delivery days are Tuesdays to Fridays. Orders are sent for day-after-despatch delivery in an insulated box with freezer gelpacks to help keep the contents cool. It is obviously best if someone can be there to sign for them when APC deliver, but if you have somewhere safe for them to be left if you should be out, please put that on your order. Delivery charge: £6.95 (£8.34 incl VAT) for up to 20 kgs.

Success can be a bit much! The continuing growth of our business, and all the associated demands being placed on us, have proved a bit much! My wife and I are both a LONG way past the usual retirement age and we have decided that enough is enough - we want some time for ourselves.

So if you know anyone who might be interested in taking over the business, please just let us know. We would like to see it carry on and will give all reasonable help to anyone interested in taking on this demanding, fascinating and rewarding business - after all, we would like it continue to be a success and don't want to let down our many loyal Customers.

updated 30 May 2014


- PLEASE MAKE SURE OUR EMAIL ADDRESS ( IS IN YOUR CONTACTS LIST otherwise you may not see emails from us advising you of your Order delivery date etc.

- PLEASE READ OUR ORDERING TIPS (above, top right) before you place your order - designed to help us get your order delivered, when you want it.

Any questions? email us - - or call (free) 0800 298 5000
Summary of Meats available
Here's a summary of all of our Meats and Meat Products. Each category has a link to click on - which will take you straight to that page in the Shop.
Wild RabbitWild Rabbit
Whole or portions - good clean Wild Rabbit, at its best. We do NOT use wild rabbits killed with a shotgun. Available as bone-in mince, boneless chunks, small or large bone-in portions

Click here to go to Wild Rabbit
Farmed RabbitFarmed Rabbit
Our ever-popular Boneless Farmed Rabbit Chunks and 2 versions of our Minced Bone-In Farmed Rabbit PLUS: 1 kg bags of bone-in Farmed Rabbit pieces - WMP01 (smaller pieces for cats and small dogs) and WMP02 (Larger pieces for larger dogs!)

Click here to go to Farmed Rabbit
Ox HeartOx Heart
A surprising meat, really tasty with a good texture and very good value. Quickly becoming popular with cat and dog owners, we have now secured good supplies - product is in stock.

Click here to go to Ox Heart
Full range of Chicken products, chunks, chicken mince, chicken wings, Liver, Hearts and Chicken Carcass Pieces. - and also bone-in mince for Cats and Dogs, in standard and Extra Meaty versions.

Click here to go to Chicken
Beef TrimBeef Trim
We've trimmed off much of the fat so what's left is good value tasty beef - available as chunks.

Click here to go to Beef
Another Lincolnshire meat, very lean. Available as chunks, or mince in half kg. packs. Also 2 different 1 kg packs of Meaty Turkey Necks.

Click here to go to Turkey

We buy Wild Rabbits

We're always looking for more supplies of Single Shot, Ferretted etc Wild Rabbits.
Interested? Know anyone who shoots wild rabbits? We want to know - please see the contact information below

Company & Contact Information
Woldsway Foods Ltd, Ashby-by-Partney, Spilsby, Lincs PE23 5RG
VAT Registration No: GB 129861541. Company Registered in England: 1256682

Tel: (free) 0800 298 5000.

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